Top Olympia Winners Talk Social Media on ‘Femme Flex Friday’

March 7, 2021 Adiantku 0

“Femme Flex Friday” host Alina Popa had some company on the March 5th episode, as two-time Fitness Olympia champion Whitney Jones was this week’s co-host. The two discussed a relevant topic in all of the fitness industry: social media. Joining them for this panel discussion was a trio of Olympia winners, including 2013 Women’s Physique Olympia winner Dana Linn Bailey, three-time Bikini Olympia title holder Ashley Kaltwasser, and two-time Men’s Physique Olympia champ Breon Ansley. Counting Jones’ victories, that is eight Olympia titles on the show, alongside Popa’s Rising Phoenix World Championship title.

Ashley Kaltwasser on YouTube vs. Instagram

“Honestly, if I had the choice, I would want a larger YouTube following because I feel like you can connect with more people on a more personal level because they feel like they know you better rather than double tapping a booty pic. I wish my YouTube … Read the rest

Heavy metals in baby food? What parents should know and do

March 6, 2021 Adiantku 0

If there is anything you can trust to be safe, it should be baby food, right?

Well… maybe not.

A report from the US House Committee on Oversight and Reform says that commercial baby foods are tainted with dangerous levels of arsenic, lead, cadmium, and mercury.

Which baby food companies are involved?

The report was based on information from just four companies that make baby food: Nurture, Beech-Nut, Hain, and Gerber. Arsenic, lead, and cadmium were found in baby foods from all of the companies; mercury was found in the food from the only company that tested for it (Nurture).

Of note, three other companies (Walmart, Sprout, and Campbell’s Soup) were asked to provide the same information about their baby food products, and did not.

And that is part of the problem: this is just one report, with limited information. It’s hard to know exactly what it means about commercial … Read the rest

My COVID-19 vaccine story –– and what happened next

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Like most healthcare workers, I was thrilled when I was eligible to receive the COVID-19 vaccine. I’ve been involved in COVID-19 patient care since the very start of the pandemic in the US, and I had seen what this virus can do to people. We all felt incredibly helpless against this incredibly contagious bug.

With time, experience, and study, we’ve learned which treatments help and which don’t. Even more importantly, we now have vaccines.

The Pfizer/BioNTech and Moderna mRNA vaccines — tested in about 18,600 and 15,000 participants, respectively — were the first available in the US via emergency FDA authorization. They remain the most effective. Trials showed about 95% efficacy in preventing symptomatic COVID-19 infection after two doses.

More importantly, no one — not one participant — who caught COVID-19 after receiving either of these vaccines died, or even got sick enough to be hospitalized. And the numbers of … Read the rest

Acne: Considerations for darker skin

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Acne affects millions of Americans each year and impacts people of all skin tones, yet acne can pose special challenges in people with darker skin. In darker skin, one pimple or breakout can cause dark marks, scars, or even keloids (scar tissue that continues to grow larger than the original scar) that last for months to years afterward. Those affected are left searching for the secrets to treatment — or better yet, prevention. In this post we discuss how acne and similar or related conditions may be treated, and sometimes prevented, in people with darker skin.

Acne triggers release of melanin

Melanin, the same molecule that pigments our skin and hair and protects us from the damaging ultraviolet rays of the sun, can also protect our skin from inflammation. When the skin gets inflamed from acne (or from harsh acne products), our skin releases melanin. This can result in … Read the rest

‘The Real Deal’ Chris Cormier Tells All On ‘Monday Night Muscle’

March 3, 2021 Adiantku 0

The first “Monday Night Muscle” of March 2021 was a big one. Hosts Shawn Ray and Bob Cicherillo were joined by IFBB Pro legend Chris “The Real Deal” Cormier. The star from the 1990s and early 2000s discussed a lot of topics in this full-length interview.

His Documentary “I Am the Real Deal”

“It shows me competing around the world, the stresses, all the trials and tribulations that come along with it, and just kind of letting the next generation know that tomorrow is now promised. Do what you can while you have the chance to, and take full advantage of competing each and every time you get a chance to compete.”

Working with Pros Today as a Coach

“It’s very challenging, and it’s very frustrating sometimes because it’s like you seen my body of work. You know I’ve been there and done that, and you know that I … Read the rest

5 unusual headaches: Signs to watch for and what to do

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Headaches come in lots of varieties, and some are easily recognizable. A migraine classically causes throbbing, pounding pain that lasts for hours — sometimes even days — on one side of the head. A tension headache usually feels like a tight band squeezing around your noggin. And a sinus headache shows up as pressure on one side of the face, behind the nose, or above one eye when you have a sinus infection.

Some headaches, however, aren’t as well-known.

What’s happening to me?

When less familiar headache pain strikes, the symptoms or patterns may be puzzling, or even frightening.

For example, a thunderclap headache (also called “the worst headache of your life”) causes sudden, intense, debilitating pain that can last for an hour or a week.

Here are five other unusual headaches.

  1. Orgasmic headache. Some people experience the sudden onset of a severe head pain similar to that of a
Read the rest

Is crying good for you?

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It’s safe to say that 2020 gave us more than enough to cry about. Yet even prior to last year, it seems that we were crying fairly often. Researchers note that, on average, American women cry 3.5 times each month, while American men cry about 1.9 times each month. These figures may take some of us by surprise, especially as our society has often looked at crying — particularly by men — as a sign of weakness and lack of emotional stamina.

Health benefits of crying

As a phenomenon that is unique to humans, crying is a natural response to a range of emotions, from deep sadness and grief to extreme happiness and joy. But is crying good for your health? The answer appears to be yes. Medical benefits of crying have been known as far back as the Classical era. Thinkers and physicians of ancient Greece and Rome posited … Read the rest

Seeking solace, finding resilience in a pandemic

March 1, 2021 Adiantku 0

In times like these, it can feel wrong to feel happy. There is so much suffering in the world that appreciating the goodness that still exists can seem unempathic, if not altogether futile. A landmark study on happiness often mentioned at dinner parties and social gatherings (when we had those things) considered how people react to intense, sudden changes to their circumstances. The researchers found that people who had recently won the lottery were no happier after some time had passed than people who had experienced severe trauma that paralyzed their lower bodies. It’s a testament to stubbornness as our common lot in life — and the resilience we also share.

The lottery winners seemed to lose their ability to find joy in mundane aspects of their lives, while the survivors of trauma had a different experience entirely: they focused more on idealized memories of their past, perhaps at the … Read the rest

Bikini Olympia Top 3 Reunite on ‘Femme Flex Friday’

February 28, 2021 Adiantku 0

Femme Flex Friday host Alina Popa hosted a roundtable discussion with the Top 3 Finishers of the 2020 Bikini Olympia on the February 26th episode. Champion Janet Layug, runner-up Jennifer Dorie, and third-place finisher Etila Santiago all had a lot to share about various topics, including the road to the Olympia, how they plan to improve for 2021, and more. Among the most notable comments was when Layug declared that her dream was a Bikini repeat.

“My dream was to become Ms. Bikini Olympia, but now my dream is to become a two-time Bikini champion. And you know, we haven’t had one in a while. That is my goal, and you guys know me. When I set a goal, I strive for it. I can’t stop and won’t stop.”

Layug on How She Trained and Prepped During Lockdown

“So my gym was closed for a period of time, … Read the rest

Grandparents and vaccines: Now what?

February 28, 2021 Adiantku 0

As COVID-19 vaccines roll out across the US, many grandparents — including one co-author of this blog post — are thrilled to hold out their arms for a jab. In some parts of the country, these vaccinations began as early as mid-January. By mid-February, legions of energized and relieved seniors were trading selfie shots of their newly vaccinated arms.

Grandparents, like other seniors, wanted the vaccine to keep themselves safe. However, there was another compelling reason: the desire to hug grandchildren. Ellen Glazer, LICSW, asked fellow grandparents in different states — some of whom live minutes away from grandchildren and some who are separated by continents — what they look forward to once fully vaccinated.

Below, Amy Sherman, MD, an infectious disease specialist and instructor in medicine at Harvard Medical School, weighs in on a number of hopes and questions — some very specific, and some that can help everyone. … Read the rest