Figure Olympians Talk Training And Cheat Meals on ‘Femme Flex Friday’

April 4, 2021 Adiantku 0

This week’s episode of “Femme Flex Friday” was headlined by the top three finishers of the 2020 Figure Olympia. Alina Popa and Whitney Jones were joined by the reigning champ, Cydney Gillon, as well as the second- and third-place finishers, Natalia Soltero and Nadia Wyatt — the first time  the three world-class athletes have been face-to-face since that fateful December weekend in Orlando, Florida.

Gillon was the first to speak, and she talked about the process of going into this contest as the defending champion going up against such a stacked lineup of athletes. The former star of “Survivor” explained that she had to balance enjoying the process while using her mother as a source of motivation.

“I think at this point, it’s about having fun and seeing how good I can be each and every show and seeing what I can accomplish. So mindset wise, I … Read the rest

Want to improve your memory? Get a good night’s sleep!

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There are few things that are as beneficial for your memory as having a good night’s sleep. Let’s understand why.

If you’re tired, it’s hard to pay attention, and memory requires attention

To remember information, you need to pay attention to it. If you’re tired, you simply cannot pay attention as effectively as you would if you were well rested. That statement seems straightforward, but it brings up another question: why do you get tired?

You may feel tired and have trouble paying attention either because you’ve been awake too many hours and sleep pressure is building up, or — even if you’ve had a nap — because it is the middle of the night and your circadian rhythm (your internal clock) is telling you to sleep. In either case, you’ll you have trouble paying attention, and thus trouble remembering.

Does caffeine help?

Caffeine blocks chemical receptors in … Read the rest

An emerging treatment option for men with recurring prostate cancer after radiation therapy

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Prostate cancer is often a multifocal disease, meaning that several tumors can be present in different parts of gland at the same time. Not all of these tumors are equally problematic, however. And it’s increasingly thought that the tumor with the most aggressive features — called the index lesion — dictates how a man’s cancer is likely to behave overall. That concept has given rise to a new treatment option. Called partial gland ablation (PGA), and also focal therapy, it entails treating only the index lesion and its surrounding tissues, instead of removing the prostate surgically or treating the whole gland in other ways. Emerging evidence suggests that PGA controls prostate cancer effectively, but with fewer complications such as incontinence.

In February, researchers at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center (MSKCC) in New York published findings that could pave the way for focal therapy in men with reoccurring prostate cancer. They … Read the rest

Can fitness counter fatness?

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In a recent study, researchers attempted to answer the very question posed in the title of this post. Before delving into the findings of this study and how it fits with what we already know about this topic, let’s define some key terms.

What do we mean by fitness and fatness?

Fitness, also referred to as cardiovascular fitness or cardiorespiratory fitness (CRF), is a measure of the performance of the heart, lungs, and muscles of the body. Muscle performance includes measures of both strength and endurance. Because of the connections between the mind and body, fitness also has an effect on mental alertness and emotional stability. Maximal oxygen consumption (VO2 max), a laboratory measure of the maximum amount of oxygen a person can use during exercise, is the optimal measure of CRF. However, self-reported physical activity is often used as a proxy for VO2 max in research … Read the rest

Branch Warren Isnt Looking To Return to The Big Stage

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This week’s edition of “Monday Night Muscle” featured three all-time greats. Of course, Bob Cicherillo and Shawn Ray were in their hosting chairs as usual. However, Ray wasn’t the only former Arnold Classic winner and Olympia runner-up in the house. Two-time Arnold champ and 2009 Mr. Olympia runner-up Branch Warren was the guest on this episode, and the discussion covered a variety of topics.

After Cicherillo shared stories of times he and Warren broke bread, he asked the Texas native about how his eating habits are nowadays. Warren also talked about how he is feeling overall now that his competitive days are behind him.

“I eat probably four meals a day. I’ve lost, probably, 30 or 40 pounds from when I was competing,” Warren says. “I feel great, and most importantly, I’m healthy. You guys know how it is. When you train, you train to win, right? That’s why you … Read the rest

Summer camp: What parents need to know this year

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It’s time to make summer plans, and for many families, those plans include summer camp. After the year we’ve had, the idea of getting out of the house, being active, and seeing other children sounds very appealing.

While there is reason to hope that this summer will be better than 2020, the reality is that COVID-19 will still be with us. The vaccines will make a difference, but they aren’t available yet for campers under the age of 16 — and the youth and young adults who make up most of the staff will likely not all have been vaccinated either. So as families make plans, they need to think about COVID-19.

Start here: Consider risk factors

Before even thinking about camp, families should take into account their particular risk factors. Hopefully, any high-risk adults in the family will have received a COVID-19 vaccine by the time kids head to … Read the rest

Juan and Karen Morel Are Helping Reshape Our ‘Cookie’ Cravings

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You can say the Morels have mastered the art of the cookie deal.

What began as a cheat meal has blown up into a full-blown confection “cartel” for Karen and Juan Morel, the husband-and-wife co-owners of online-order bakery My Cookie Dealer, which after only over two years of operation, is flourishing at a time when other food-based enterprises have struggled due to the COVID pandemic.

The price for their entrepreneurial success certainly has included longer work days and shorter and inconsistent rest times, which clashes with Juan’s strict routine as an IFBB Pro bodybuilder as well as the couple’s role as parents of a young daughter. But in return, the low-key pair’s success allows them to help pay it forward by both creating jobs in the Long Island community as well as an opportunity to help support those who kept My Cookie Dealer afloat during its mom-and-pop infancy.

They’ve built … Read the rest

Harvard Health Ad Watch: Mitochondria do a lot for you — what can you do for them?

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Ever see an ad for a product that sounds awesome and wondered if it was really that good? That happened to me recently. “How are you taking care of your mitochondria?” an announcer asked. Well, there’s a question I’m not asked every day. And it’s one for which I had no answer.

Your cells are aging: Can supplements keep them young?

This ad and an accompanying website describe their products this way:

  • “a breakthrough range of nutritional solutions”
  • supplements that “work in harmony with your body’s natural processes to rewrite the rules of cell aging”
  • “helps activate the renewal of mitochondria in muscles”
  • “targets age-related changes occurring inside cells”
  • “renews cells’ natural ability to produce daily energy”
  • “features cellular nutrients studied in more than 20 clinical trials in humans”

And just what is this miracle product? It’s food! Just kidding. These statements come from ads for Celltrient supplements made by … Read the rest

Simple, low-cost, low-tech brain training

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We’re all looking for ways to boost our brain power. And fortunately, there are plenty of simple, low-cost, low-tech ways to help sharpen cognition.

“Low-tech, mentally stimulating activities, especially ones that are challenging, help our brains create new connections. The more connections we have, the more paths our brain has to get information to where it needs to go. This can help with improving cognition overall or in specific areas, depending on the activity,” says Dr. Joel Salinas, a behavioral neurologist and faculty member of the Harvard Center for Population and Development Studies.

Low-tech brain training activities to try

Mentally stimulating activities make you do a little cognitive light lifting: they require some work to process or produce information. These kinds of activities can include any of the following.

  • Learning a language. Bilingual people have greater mental flexibility and agility, and may have some protection from the risk of developing
Read the rest

Steve Weinberger and Sandy Williamson Talk About the Evolution of Women’s Bodybuilding

March 28, 2021 Adiantku 0

Femme Flex Friday host Alina Popa and current co-host Whitney Jones are no stranger to facing judges. The former Rising Phoenix World Champion and two-time Fitness Olympia winner have been compared to other athletes by IFBB judges Sandy Williamson and Steve Weinberger multiple times in the past. On the March 25th episode of FFF, the tables are turned. It’s Williamson and Weinberger that are facing Popa and Jones, but it’s in a different setting. The head judges were taking questions and discussing how they do their job when determining the best of the best in bodybuilding and physique competitions.

The Evolution of Female Bodybuilding

The sisterhood of female bodybuilders finally gets some R.E.S.P.E.C.T.

Read article

Williamson on Women’s Physique Competitors Winning Open Shows

“That’s the beauty of the NPC, is that you can start in one division and Alina, you know, when you’re training you’re going to grow. … Read the rest