How Webex Uses Patient and Provider Insight to Improve Virtual Care Delivery

November 19, 2020 Adiantku 0

Follow along with our blog series #HealthcareNow and #PublicSectorNow, where we’ll address healthcare innovation around the world and how to maintain business continuity in today’s health climate. 

In the past few months, we’ve seen huge shifts in how people are working. This naturally extends to the healthcare industry, where care delivery continues to be a priority, even amidst social distancing and shifts in the workplace.

Earlier this spring, the Webex UX Research team conducted an extensive qualitative study with healthcare providers and patients who use telehealth services. The study unearthed the challenges, opportunities and patterns of behavior when using video in healthcare settings. It also served as the foundation for developing healthcare personas, among the first industry-specific personas to be created and used at Webex.

In the world of product development, personas are a common tool to help surface deep research findings and build alignment across multiple … Read the rest

Podcast: Is Telehealth Effective?

November 19, 2020 Adiantku 0

In today’s COVID world, many mental health patients are finding themselves “forced” into seeing their doctors online rather than in person. But how effective is telehealth? What are the benefits and disadvantages? 

Today’s guest is psychiatrist Dr. Frank Chen, who thoroughly explains the whole new world of telemedicine and why it doesn’t have to be scary. In fact, many patients, including Gabe, have found it to be quite convenient!



Guest information for ‘Frank Chen- Telehealth’ Podcast Episode

Dr. Frank Chen is a practicing psychiatrist in Houston, Texas, who also specializes in Adult Psychiatry. He graduated from Saint Louis University School of Medicine in 1998 and completed a residency at Baylor College of Medicine in 2002. Dr. Chen is the Chief Medical Officer at Houston Behavioral Healthcare Hospital and Houston Adult Psychiatry.




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Gabe Howard is an award-winning writer

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Commitment to Ticket Holders Sends Olympia to Orlando

November 19, 2020 Adiantku 0

Capping off one of the most challenging years in recent history, the fitness industry’s most prestigious event has announced a move aimed at protecting the interests of fans who are planning to attend Olympia Weekend. Recent announcements by the Nevada Governor have forced Las Vegas to invoke increased crowd restrictions limiting audiences to only 250 spectators, forcing most ticket holders to stay home. In an effort to protect the interests of the fans and the hard work of the athletes, Olympia Weekend will instead be held in Central Florida at the Orange County Convention Center, located in the heart of Orlando.

Olympia President Dan Solomon explains, “These have been incredibly challenging circumstances, but we’ve remained focused on making sure the best athletes in the world have the opportunity to compete in front of their fans. The news out of Las Vegas in recent days has become highly concerning. We will … Read the rest

Use Pumpkin to Lean Out or Bulk Up

November 18, 2020 Adiantku 0

The pumpkin obsession in America is really just a thinly-veiled attempt for big food companies to sell us “seasonality” in the form of the same sugary foods with a little pumpkin-spice flavoring added to the mix. It’s a marketing gimmick. And it works. Most of those pumpkin-flavored things are just that…pumpkin-flavored. They have no “pumpkin” in them.

Those marketing masters are onto something though. People want to eat seasonally. Our bodies are designed to crave variety, to respond to external stimuli, to change, to adapt, to sink into patterns and then break them. In the bodybuilding world, we have our own version of seasonality: bulking and cutting seasons.

So here’s the real question—can we live in both worlds? Is it possible for us to buy into the pumpkin craze and stay on target for our goals? Is it possible for bulking season and seasonal eating to go … Read the rest

Migraine headaches: Could nerve stimulation help?

November 18, 2020 Adiantku 0

Are you one of the 20 million to 40 million people in the US suffering with migraine headaches? If so, here’s news worth noting: The FDA has just approved an over-the-counter nerve stimulation device that delivers mild electrical shocks to the forehead as a way to prevent or treat migraine headaches.

This might seem like an unlikely way to treat migraines, so how did we get here? And what’s the evidence that it works? Is this a game changer? Hype? Or a treatment that falls somewhere in between?

Our changing understanding of what causes migraines

Blood vessels throughout the body, including those near the brain, narrow (constrict) and open up (dilate) regularly, throughout the day. That’s normal, and it varies depending on the situation. Sleep, body temperature, physical activity, and many other factors affect this activity of blood vessels. Not long ago, conventional wisdom held that migraines were due to … Read the rest

Podcast: Birthdays, COVID, and Reframing (Oh My!)

November 17, 2020 Adiantku 0

It’s that time of year again! That’s right — Gabe’s Annual Birthday Blog. Each year, Gabe looks back on the important events and lessons he’s encountered during the previous 12 months. But what events can he talk about when COVID came and stole the show? 

Join Gabe and Lisa as they discuss the Year of Coronavirus and the good and bad that came with it.

(Transcript Available Below)

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Gabe Howard is an award-winning writer and speaker who lives with bipolar disorder. He is the author of the popular book, Mental Illness is an Asshole and other Observations, available from Amazon; signed copies are also available directly from Gabe Howard. To learn more, please visit his website,





Lisa is the producer of the Psych Central podcast, Not Read the rest

Gene Mozee: Bodybuilder, Editor, Photographer

November 17, 2020 Adiantku 0

We lost a historic figure in the bodybuilding world when Gene Mozee died in Santa Monica on July 4th, age 82, as a result of heart disease. Gene had been in failing health for quite some time. But, thankfully, before he passed, he went to his archives and retrieved some of his most iconic photos for me to scan and digitize.

Some of the best were of Arnold Schwarzenegger, whom Gene met when they were both training at Vince Gironda’s gym right after Joe Weider brought Arnold to the U.S. and began promoting him in Muscle Builder magazine.

The legendary John Grimek said Gene was “the first and best bodybuilding photojournalist.” According to the Iron Guru website, Vince Gironda, himself a legend, called Gene a “walking bodybuilding encyclopedia.” As a prolific sports photographer and writer, Gene’s photos constitute a vivid record of the earlier days of modern bodybuilding.

Gene’s interest … Read the rest

College student coming home? What to know and do

November 17, 2020 Adiantku 0

Because of the pandemic, many college students are coming home to finish the semester, either because of cases on campus, or because colleges are sending everyone home for Thanksgiving and not having them come back until the next term.

This situation requires some thought and planning, so as to keep everyone safe — and sane. Here are some things families need to think about.

Will your college student bring the COVID-19 virus home with them?

Many colleges have been having outbreaks, and infections can be asymptomatic. How you handle the return of college students to your household depends on the situation at their school, the possibility of exposures, and how often they have been tested. If cases are low and they are tested regularly (once a week at least), the risk is far less than if the case numbers are high and testing is sporadic. Make sure you find out … Read the rest

A new Alzheimer’s drug: From advisory panel to FDA — what’s at stake here?

November 15, 2020 Adiantku 0

It’s been more than 17 years since the FDA last approved an Alzheimer’s drug. Will Biogen’s drug, called aducanumab, end this drought? The FDA will decide by March 2021, based on its own analysis of clinical trial data and an advisory panel’s review of the evidence.

How does the drug work?

Aducanumab is a monoclonal antibody engineered in a laboratory to stick to the amyloid molecule that forms plaques in the brains of people with Alzheimer’s. Most researchers believe that the plaques form first and damage brain cells, causing tau tangles to form inside them, killing the cells. Once aducanumab has stuck to the plaque, your body’s immune system will come in and remove the plaque, thinking it’s a foreign invader. The hope and expectation is that, once the plaques are removed, the brain cells will stop dying, and thinking, memory, function, and behavior will stop deteriorating.

Will the FDA’s

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Quarantine snacking fixer-upper

November 14, 2020 Adiantku 0

The “battle of the bulge” gained a new foe this year: quarantine snacking. Sales of snack foods like cookies and crackers shot up in the early days of lockdowns, and recent consumer surveys are finding that people have changed their eating habits and are snacking more.

We don’t yet have solid evidence that more snacking and consumption of ultra-processed food this year has led to weight gain. While memes of the “quarantine 15” trended on social media earlier this year, only a few small studies have suggested a link between COVID-19-related isolation and weight gain. But you don’t need scientific evidence to know if your waistband is tighter.

Snacking is not just a weight risk

Regular junk food snacking brings many risks. Processed foods are typically filled with loads of unhealthy saturated fats and high amounts of salt, calories, added sugar, and refined (unhealthy) grains.

Eating too much of these … Read the rest