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Madison Athletic Club

August 15, 2020 Adiantku 0

Fall is here in its red and gold glory. There’s no magic pill or workout plan you can follow to get the body you want. You have to commit to changing your lifestyle and making healthy eating decisions. Whether it’s changing up your diet to incorporate more cruciferous vegetables and lean proteins or finding a workout plan you love, you can learn how to eat healthy and stay active to achieve overall wellness. Make your health a priority today and start experiencing greater energy levels and a more joyful existence. The ad, by Red Tettemer & Partners in Philadelphia, will be introduced widely on Jan. 10. Three other spots in the campaign follow the same structure, opening with overbearing gym rats and closing with assurances that Planet Fitness is more laid back. The gym’s mandate is to make people newer to fitness feel relaxed while not having to worry about … Read the rest